Saurashtra: A Language, Region, Culture & Community



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A Chartered Accountant and worked as Professor in India's best b-school including IIM Indore, as Lead Facilitator in World Bank, As Director in National Insurance Academy, Pune & Shanti Business School. My area of interest, Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Strategy, Ethics, Micro Finance, Cooperatives, Corporate Law and Management Accounting.
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4 Responses to Saurashtra: A Language, Region, Culture & Community

  1. Why not the present Saurashtra region in GUJERAT adapt the language being spoken in Tamilnadu, worthy to be the National Language, since it comprises all languages and also utilize the script developed by them, thereby credibility for such hard work? Is it tru that the Rajputs who ruled the Saurshtra Region refer the people who left this area during Muslim invasion as COWARDS?
    M.N.Rajaraman, Past President, 1981-84, Sourashtra Madhya Sabha, Tamilnadu. 15-1-2013

  2. sapovadia says:

    1. Your suggestion is worthy, requires long time to reach that goal to make it National Language. Academic institutes & researchers may attempt to realize the dream under some able leadership. First academician of Gujarat should learn Sourashtrian language.
    2. I never heard that kind of sentiments from any community where Rajputs have described as COWARDS. In fact Rajputs are extincted as a ruler species. In fact, except Rana Pratap and few other Rajput rulers surrendered Muslim kings. Currently, wherever I heard about community is: courageous, skillful, hard worker, strong affiliation about their culture, entrepreneur, intelligent. And I have no doubt of any description I heard. No other community have preserved strongly the culture for almost thousand year!

    With regards,
    Dr. Vrajlal Sapovadia
    Executive Director, SBS Ahmedabad

  3. It is the Rajputs in Saurashtra area who referred those who left en mass during Muslim invasion. They meant the present Sourashtra people who are domiciled in various parts of Tamilnadu,Andhra, Karnataka & Kerala.

  4. Every Sourashtrian must read this article……Thank you Dr. Vrajlal Sapovadia !

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